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Shipping & Returns

Under normal, that this property laws. If you are not 100% e'olu'olu contact us if you are satisfied with the sales program. The only elements in the sale of animals, and palapala'ōpala, will receive no refund. we will look at this issue, but nevertheless, we have sworn the product in the process. To avoid accidents, the system will select the best fit.

Are satisfied. Here can be found on our website about the "seven around here commanded all the things you do." Tony and the witnesses, and shipping address? Return ship.

Command of the vote here. We have before you a bundle. So, to return, and there was a cliff kau containing all items, and sent the bank conversion. Amo - and - costs are not.

We will pay the return was OK ship was responsible for the ship and the ho'ohana'ana. Here again, it is necessary to add insurance, and peace, we are not responsible for that package.

The place would be the last goal, to return to our ever-laying work, we give back to education. Before his return, you must contact us first to speak on the case. I thought they were great to us. All items must be returned in the license package. must send a MAK differences in the package. We are not responsible for lost baggage carry. Please note that the ship again to the base value. For questions and solve problems, e'olu'olu contact us.

However, if it is wrong, it can be returned and replaced these terms. To be in the palapala'ōpala to return the product, they will not use the harvest.

Open the many fruit, and gave it iā'oukou. For us, we will send the product back to your ship. Send a message to change one sent to us by the removal of the property. Once paid, we send one back.

When you receive a refund, sold their government money on the credit card to pay the ho'oponopono'ana. See also wait until three days after the receipt of the refund. Once people long to receive the confirmation mail. The motion and the tenth working day in the history of money.

The abolition of the order, and hope it will be as soon as possible, to take action Customer Contact. However, even the tongue cost. Thank you for your understanding. If makemake'oe not leave your side, you will pay for the return policy. After the main part of the cost of credit card refunds.

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